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Have your “down days” turned into weeks? Do you often feel sad, guilty, or hopeless? Have you lost interest in the people and activities that once brought a smile to your face?

If so, you’re likely struggling with some form of depression.

Of course, we all have our less-than-stellar days. And feeling sad is nothing to be ashamed of … In fact, it’s a natural human emotion.

However, depression is more than just feeling sad from time to time.

Depression is a lonely, painful experience, in which all of the joy slowly drains away from life.

But, if you’re struggling with depression, you don’t need me to tell you how isolating or debilitating it can be.

Sleeping too much or too little each night, not having the energy to get out of bed in the morning, complete loss of appetite or eating too much to compensate for the hole you feel inside, having little to no interest in sex, or even conversations, and that’s not to mention how difficult it can be to stay focused or think clearly … Yes, depression can make our relationships and our lives feel utterly meaningless.

Thankfully, you don’t have to keep feeling this way … Really!

If you’re struggling with depression, I know it feels like no one – including you – understands what you’re going through or why. However, there is a reason you feel the way you do. And, more importantly, help is available …

Why Counseling & Therapy for Depression?

If you even think you may be struggling with depression, the first thing to do is schedule an appointment with your doctor.

A myriad of physical conditions can lead to symptoms of depression, such as nutritional deficiencies, infections, and allergies.

Once your physician and you have ruled out any physical causes for your depression, the next step is to search for a mental health professional who specializes in providing depression treatment services.

All of our clients are high-functioning individuals who are looking to work through and overcome one or more obstacles that are keeping them from enjoying the best relationships and life possible.

And as with feelings of anxiety and stress, depression is often caused by intrusive thoughts and beliefs about the world and not the world itself.

Of course, some people are genetically predisposed to depression. And, depending on the cause and severity of your depression, you may need some form of medication to help you cope with depression’s symptoms and regain functioning long enough for counseling and therapy to be effective.

However, even if you do need medication to regain a sense of equilibrium, you should still seek professional counseling or psychotherapy.

Unlike medications alone, depression counseling and therapy for depression can help you:

  • Identify the underlying causes of your depression and change any inaccurate or unhelpful beliefs and perceptions you have about yourself and others;
  • Acknowledge and work through any past traumas that are contributing to your depression;
  • Learn new ways of thinking about and reacting to life events;
  • Resolve any relationship issues that are contributing to your depression;
  • Overcome feelings of guilt you may be harboring unnecessarily; and
  • Develop the skills and techniques to cope with depression’s symptoms as well as the side effects of any medications you’re taking.

Counseling and psychotherapy focus on helping you acknowledge, work through, and overcome the thoughts and beliefs that have led to your depression, so you can move forward with that much more confidence.

In short, while medication can be helpful and is sometimes necessary, only counseling and psychotherapy can help you learn to create the happiness and joy you desire!

For more information about how the depression treatment services we provide can help, contact us today to schedule a free, 15-minute, initial phone consultation.

Tailored Depression Treatment to Meet Your Unique Needs

As an inclusive group of counselors and psychotherapists that help a wide range of clients with a variety of issues, Mindful Practices’ therapists have helped countless individuals overcome depression using an integrative approach that’s tailored to each person’s needs.

For example, we may use:

  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) to help you change the way you currently respond to depression’s symptoms;
  • Mindfulness-Based Therapy to help you relax, stay centered, and focus so depression has less of an impact on your functioning;
  • Psychodynamic Psychotherapy to work through and resolve the unconscious thoughts and beliefs that lead to your depression; or
  • Motivational Interviewing to understand the reflexes that contribute to your depression, be more empathetic with yourself, and become more empowered to create the change you seek.

And that’s just to name a few!

All of this is to say that we offer a variety of techniques to help our clients overcome depression.

We’re each unique individuals with different ways of perceiving and reacting to the world, and therapy works best as a collaborative process with each session being tailored to our clients’ unique personalities and needs.

You have the answers you need within you. It’s our job to use the best possible approach to help you find them – whatever that approach may be.

But more than this …

Since the trusting, healing relationship you create with your therapist may well be the most important ingredient in overcoming depression, the fact that Mindful Practices is a group practice means that one of our specialists is likely a great fit for your unique personality and needs and can help you achieve your goals!

For more information about how the depression treatment services we provide can help, contact us today to schedule a free, 15-minute, initial phone consultation and get matched with a therapist who’s the best fit for you.

Is Depression Counseling or Therapy Right for You?

While doing the work necessary to create true healing and growth can take time, you can also start feeling better much faster than you may think.

Of course, only you can decide whether or not depression counseling and therapy are right for you.

But let me ask you …

How long have you been struggling with feelings of depression? What would it be worth to you to not feel that way any longer? What do you have to lose by getting professional help?

If you’re ready to explore your thoughts and feelings and do the work necessary to create a healthier, happier life you truly love, contact us today and schedule a free, 15-minute, initial phone consultation. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you create a life you truly love!

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Client Appreciations

"As a young queer femme of color, it was difficult to find a therapist that I felt safe around, however with Mindful Practices not only do I feel safe, but I feel valued and seen. Mindful Practice's approach has helped me honor my truth and prioritize my healing. I'm grateful for the clarity and insight I gain every time I speak and reflect with them."
– Former Client
"I met Lilian 3 years ago while I was going through a very stressful time at work that caused me severe anxiety attacks and depression. Lilian showed me through her therapeutic approach and mindfulness practices to control my anxiety but also to overcome anxiety and find peace and harmony within myself. I learned how to deal with challenging times to avoid falling into anxiety again and to find the power of inner healing and love."
– Former Client
"You are worthy of love and happiness – that is something that Mindful Practices has instilled in me throughout our work together. When I first started working with them, I was in what can best be described as the worst possible low of my life. My marriage was in massive trouble, and I was angry, hurt and confused ... After doing some really deep and often uncomfortable introspection I found that I'm worthy of a lot more than I thought coming into therapy, I'm a better partner than I've ever been, and my marriage is stronger than ever ... Mindful Practices has my full appreciation and recommendation."
– Former Client
"[Mindful Practices] has helped me to deal with my feelings about retirement and with difficulties with the pandemic. I feel now, more relaxed after I learned the principles of self-care, meditation and breathing exercises. Mindful Practices has given me the ability to understand my feelings and more so accept those from others. Thank you so much for the opportunity to connect with such a wonderful professional."
– Former Client

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