Lilian Alfaro Cavlan, LMFT

Mental Health Counselor, Mental Health Therapist in Campbell, California - Lilian Alfaro Cavlan, LMFT

My name is Lilian, I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (#85353), mental health therapist, and clinical director at Mindful Practices. I obtained my master’s degree in counseling psychology from Santa Clara University, with a double emphasis on Health Psychology and Latino Counseling. I am bicultural and bilingual in English and Spanish and I work with teens, adults and older adults providing individual therapy and couples counseling.

I am passionate and dedicated to incorporating mindfulness-based therapy practices in my work with clients.

I believe that life gets hard sometimes, and we are all susceptible to suffering in silence, particularly when facing a mental challenge, such as anxiety, depression or life transitions. Facing adversity has served me to see others when they need help. I am able to hold space for people to work through their struggle while bearing witness to their journey towards healing.

There is so much power in asking for help and talking to a therapist. I do believe that we don’t have to navigate difficulties alone and receiving professional help is the most important thing we can do when our mental health is struggling. When we face difficulties, it forces us to find our strength and it provides us with an opportunity to access our power to learn and grow.

It takes bravery to let people see us in the darkest moments of struggling, yet this vulnerability helps improve our connection and relationships.

I promote a strength-based model to create a safe space for reflection, problem solving and symptom management. I am genuine and compassionate for everyone’s unique experience and personal growth towards healing. I believe that every person is strong enough and brave enough for improved health and worthy of a better quality of life.

For more information about the counseling and therapy services I provide, contact us today to schedule a free, 15-minute, initial phone consultation. I look forward to speaking with you and helping in any way I can.

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Lilian Alfaro Cavlan, LMFT – Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Mental Health Counselor, and Mental Health Therapist in Campbell, CA

Client Appreciations

"As a young queer femme of color, it was difficult to find a therapist that I felt safe around, however with Mindful Practices not only do I feel safe, but I feel valued and seen. Mindful Practice's approach has helped me honor my truth and prioritize my healing. I'm grateful for the clarity and insight I gain every time I speak and reflect with them."
– Former Client
"I met Lilian 3 years ago while I was going through a very stressful time at work that caused me severe anxiety attacks and depression. Lilian showed me through her therapeutic approach and mindfulness practices to control my anxiety but also to overcome anxiety and find peace and harmony within myself. I learned how to deal with challenging times to avoid falling into anxiety again and to find the power of inner healing and love."
– Former Client
"You are worthy of love and happiness – that is something that Mindful Practices has instilled in me throughout our work together. When I first started working with them, I was in what can best be described as the worst possible low of my life. My marriage was in massive trouble, and I was angry, hurt and confused ... After doing some really deep and often uncomfortable introspection I found that I'm worthy of a lot more than I thought coming into therapy, I'm a better partner than I've ever been, and my marriage is stronger than ever ... Mindful Practices has my full appreciation and recommendation."
– Former Client
"[Mindful Practices] has helped me to deal with my feelings about retirement and with difficulties with the pandemic. I feel now, more relaxed after I learned the principles of self-care, meditation and breathing exercises. Mindful Practices has given me the ability to understand my feelings and more so accept those from others. Thank you so much for the opportunity to connect with such a wonderful professional."
– Former Client

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